Kogi Election Results: APC wins Yagba East, others

APC wins: Yagba East, Yagba West, Kabba/Bunu, Ijumu, Kogi, Ankpa, Ofu, Olamaboro, Idah, Okehi, Adavi, Ajaokuta, Igalamela/Odolu.

16 LGA: APC 174,141; PDP 130991

PDP: Mopamuro, Okene, Omala, Ogori/Mangogo

Igalamela/Odolu LGA: APC 9003; PDP 8683

OFU: Audu wins local government with wide margin:
APC 16800; PDP 10997

OLAMABORO LG: Audu wins Mothers LG
APC 13227; PDP 8202

ANKPA: Audu floor Wada in East second largest Local Government.
APC: 22983, PDP 14731

16 LGAs released out of 21. Audu leads in 12; Wada in 4

2526 votes cancelled in Omala from six polling unit. Highest votes cancelled so far.

Abejukolo 01, abejukolo 02, Opotala, Ola, and two other PUs.

Omala Home of former governor, Ibrahim Idris.
APC 9228, PDP 10517

More soon


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